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Van sprinkles hints of truth brilliantly so that too much information is neither uncovered nor left a mystery for too long. While the use of the first person works well to get inside the thoughts of the characters, at times, it is distracting because of the frequent change in the point of view. Any change in point of view is well-marked for easy reference, if necessary.

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It is an entertaining read for fans of paranormal romance. There is no foul language. Mild paranormal violence throughout the book keeps the threat real without being graphic. There is mild sexual innuendo and the described romance doesn't go beyond kissing.

It proves hazardous for them both. Detective Conan : Kobayashi-sensei at first thought Inspector Shiratori's love for her was due to the extreme similarity between her and Inspector Satou , who Shiratori unsuccessfully courted for. It was subverted that it was Satou who was the shadow — Shiratori's childhood friend that he's been in love for more than half his life was indeed Kobayashi, but he didn't know her name and mistook that to be Satou when he grew up. When this is cleared up and Kobayashi remembered Shiratori as clearly as he recalled her, they properly got together.

How the little girl whom Shiratori loved was a big fangirl of the Japanese police force just like Satou didn't really help. Neither did the fact that, back then, Kobayashi lacked her trademark glasses , which is the main physical difference between her and Satou. Kazuya grows out of this, but it becomes a source of tension on Satellizer's part as she wonders if she's just a "replacement" for Kazuha.

Fruits Basket : After volumes of what seemed like romantic buildup, in order to solve the love triangle that Yuki and Tohru are involved in, it's revealed that Yuki never truly loved Tohru romantically, but was looking for a mother figure in her after years of Parental Abandonment. She inevitably finds out what he's really like Not even seeing Al's true emaciated body once he's restored to his original form puts her off, and it's implied that by the time Ed and Winry are married with kids, they may be either together or on their way to get hitched.

In the anime adaptation , a filler episode at the beginning of the show focused on an alchemist named Majahal obsessed with reviving a beautiful woman named Karin who had died decades ago. To that point, he's created life-size dummies of how Karin looked before she died. It turns out Karin hadn't actually died. She'd fallen off a cliff and sustained a head injury, which caused her to wander off in an amnesiac daze. Everyone just assumed she died because they couldn't find a body.

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Years later, as an older woman with her youthful beauty having faded, she regained her memory and went back to her village under a different name. The problem was Majahal's love for the younger Karin had turned into an obsession, and when Ed revealed Karin's identity Majahal refused to accept this "hag" was the beautiful Karin of his youth, and dies rejecting her.

Fushigi Yuugi Wholesome Crossdresser Nuriko's habits were handwaved by the explanation that he was taking the place of his dead little sister Kourin.

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Likewise, Nuriko's love interest Hotohori had a huge crush on Miaka and was a strong contender for her attention. Turns out he was more in love with the idea of the Suzaku no Miko, rather than Miaka herself as a person. Haikarasan Ga Tooru : Countess Larissa Mikhailovna , who falls for the amnesiac Shinobu because he looks and acts almost exactly like her beloved husband Sasha, who died in the Russian Revolution.

Even more so: Shinobu was Sasha's older half-brother by their mother's side, which explains the extreme physical similarity. Hikaru no Go : Non-romantic version. At the beginning of the manga, Hikaru, who was being controlled by Sai, defeated Toya Akira in a game of Go, and the latter becomes obsessed with him ever since. Comic Books. Nightwing gets this all the time. At one point he had upwards of six love interests, all of whom were infatuated with different shadows.

Raven feels this way for Nightwing for an arc in Teen Titans when she's permitted to feel emotions for the first time.

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Starfire has to pull her aside and explain that there are different kinds of love. At first, it looks like they're headed to a different solution , but they end up working things out in a mundane way.

This is one of the reasons that Nightwing and Oracle fell apart. In Batgirl Rebirth , Batgirl tells a childhood friend in love with her alter ego that he doesn't know anything about Barbara's current self. Kai: I'm sorry. I never meant I love her. Batgirl: You don't even know her, Kai. You're in love with a memory. In the Harry Potter fandom, fanfiction authors that ship the main character with anyone other than his canonical love interest and later wife Ginny often invoke this trope as a means of getting her out of the way, portraying her as being in love with The-Boy-Who-Lived and not Harry himself.

Advice and Trust : Asuka had a crush on her guardian Kaji because she longed for being acknowledged and treated as an adult and he was the only decent father figure she had known.

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After hooking up with Shinji and realizing Kaji was infatuated with Misato, she dropped her crush right away. Ritsuko was in love with Gendo but she did not know him at all. At the same time she thinks Maya's crush on her is idol worship because Maya did not know her real self. Dungeon Keeper Ami : Venna's crush on Snyder , is something along these lines. According to Snyder. But later, she realized that she never knew about him as he had never let her in and that she was just in love with the idea of him. Played to tear-jerking effect in Children of Time : Beth Lestrade is in love with Sherlock Holmes , but Holmes himself changes until there's hardly anything left of himself.

Beth still loves the real Sherlock Holmes, but that Sherlock Holmes no longer exists. As for Holmes's response to her pleas, it doesn't get much colder than this: I suggest you relay your message to his shade, wherever it may roam, and cease to bore me with your melodramatic sentiments. She just looks perplexed.

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Who could judge if you were in love or if you'd just experience a crush on someone; if you just think you are in love? Films — Animation. It could be taken that in 9 , 5 gets so attached to 9 so quickly because he reminds him somewhat of 2 , especially considering how much he muses about 2 the first couple of times they're together, his "You know, you're just like him—you forget to be scared!

Strange Magic : Marianne, when commiserating on her love life with The Bog King , admits that she didn't really know her ex-fiance Roland because she was blinded by his good looks. Frozen : Anna falls for Hans and agrees to marry him quickly because she's desperate for affection when the person to whom she really wants to be close again is her sister Elsa not in that way. After reconciling with her sister and seeing that Hans is not the Prince Charming he made himself out to be, she's able to move on and actually spends time getting to know her new Love Interest Kristoff before getting into a serious commitment with him.

Films — Live-Action. Rob Gordon in High Fidelity realizes this about Charlie , his third ex. He spends most of the movie reminiscing about how fantastic, and sophisticated, and amazing, and profoundly intellectual, and out of his league she was—back when they dated in college—until he finally sees her again after having grown up a bit. It would be an understatement to say Rob discovers how utterly boring and shallow and repulsive she truly is and always was.

Then she shrugs it off with wondering if he'd fall in love with her. Subverted in Laura. When it turns out she is alive, she is what the detective hoped she would be. In There's Something About Mary , Ted explains that none of the guys pursuing Mary love her, but are fixated on her "because of the way [she] makes them feel about themselves".

A tragic example is Scottie's fascination with who he thinks is Madeleine in Vertigo , and his attempt to mold Judy into the same woman, indeed the woman he originally loved was never real to begin with. The main character in While You Were Sleeping nurses a crush on a regular commuter at the train station where she collects tokens. Over the course of the movie, she comes to discover that, while not really a bad man, he's not the man she thought he was and finds herself falling for his brother, whom she gets to know quite well.

In Love’s Shadow

The two actually have very little in common as adults, outside of wanting Gotham City to be a better place; and though Rachel promised Bruce she would wait for him to finish his work as Batman at the end of Batman Begins , they have even less in the way of chemistry, romantic or otherwise. But Bruce just can't seem to let go of his fixation with Rachel, having put her on too high a pedestal, even after she starts dating Harvey Dent. By the end of The Dark Knight Rachel herself realizes that she probably had a little bit of this towards Bruce as well and finally realizes that she really doesn't love Bruce while her heart truly belongs to Dent which ends tragically for all involved.

In The Dark Knight Rises Bruce gets into this again with Miranda Tate, who reminds him of Rachel until the end when she reveals herself to be Talia and tries to kill him along with the rest of Gotham.