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Andersen, K. Bond, D.

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Celebi, A. Visual enhancement of underwater images using Empirical Mode Decomposition.

Expert Syst Appl 39 1 : — DeCarlo, L. On the Meaning and Use of Kurtosis. Psychol Methods 2 3 : — Feigenbaum, A. Total Quality Control, third edition. Huang, N. The empirical mode decomposition and the Hilbert spectrum for nonlinear and non-stationary time series analysis.

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Janusauskas, A. Informatica 16 4 : — Li, Y. If I say this book is wonderful, I mean that literally: this book provokes wonder. Looking at the diptychs, I found myself wondering about the space between them. You know the old phrase: The whole is more than the sum of the parts? Sometimes we consider the images independently of the others in the collection.

Only in New York creates a different approach.

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Yes, we consider the individual images, but we do that two at a time. What we hear is the combination of single notes played at the same time. Or, better yet, like harmony. The joy comes from the combination of difference. Only in New York is a history lesson, a sociological examination, an architectural appreciation, a tribute to sports stars and celebrities and ordinary people. Its real power, though, is in what you feel when holding two things together. Digging deep into their archives, the Photography Staff at The New York Times piece together a selection of famous and forgotten images in a new photobook, encapsulating the inimitable atmosphere of New York City through photography.


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Scott Olsen. An Invisible Immediate Love. Trending this Week. Discover the 25 remarkable photographers selected for their distinctive creative vision and potential.

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This is the photo book that redefined what a photo book could be — personal, poetic, real. As she ate, Greta watched shoppers laden with bags scurry from store to store. Hank focused on the food with the single-minded appetite of a little boy who never gets enough to eat.

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The store windows in Macy's and Saks were full of glittering decorations, red, green, gold and silver, signaling the approaching holiday season, and there was a big lighted Christmas tree in the square. But the passage of time meant little to Greta. She only knew that the days were shorter than they had been. The sunshine, what little there was of it, had turned thin and weak.

Night were longer and it was harder for her and her brother to stay warm. Today the wind had turned cold.

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From what little she could see of the late afternoon sky, it was dark gray. It was going to rain, she was sure of it. She didn't know what they'd do if it rained.

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They'd been sleeping in doorways and alleys all over the downtown area, constantly moving so the cops wouldn't find them during their periodic sweeps to rid the streets of human litter. If it rains we'll have to go inside somewhere, Greta told herself. But it wasn't safe to go down inside the BART station to spend the night.

The BART cops would catch them. And there were too many weirdoes down there already. Mom had always told Greta to take care of her little brother and to stay away from the weirdoes. She was doing the best she could, but she didn't know how long she could keep it up.

Frozen in Time

She was careful to limit their range to the Union Square area, north of Market Street. That's where the nice stores, restaurants and hotels were. Greta felt safer where the people were better-dressed. Sometimes those people gave them money, or food, like Hank's pizza benefactor.