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And that which surrounds them is just as important as the contents themselves. Premium designer outfits in a suitcase from a discounter? Mon dieu, unimaginable. At least for the clientele that can afford the finest luxury luggage, and chooses to do so. A suitcase, trolley or travel bag from Louis Vuitton is an exclusive accessory and catcher of envious eyes.

It is hard to believe that the hype surrounding the monogrammed luggage began in the middle of the 19th century. Thanks to an ambitious young Frenchman, who set out to Paris on foot to conquer the world. He travelled kilometres on foot, paying his way by doing casual work. He was trained as a layetier, a luggage packer.

This profession called for an extraordinary amount of dexterity and the talent to pack the clothes and belongings of the high society expertly, practically and securely. At that time long stays of several months were not uncommon, for example in a summer residence. Professional luggage packers were therefore of great assistance.

The ambitious Frenchman was not content to merely pack luggage, however. At the age of 33 Vuitton opened his own business as a luggage maker, a malletier, revolutionising the luggage production of the time.

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Until then the heavy suitcases and trunks were arched, as this enabled rainwater to run off them when carried on the roof of a carriage, as was the custom. However, travel was undergoing a change. Wealthy globetrotters were increasingly travelling the world by ship, this called for a modification of luggage design. The brand Louis Vuitton Malletier produced flat, manageable suitcases and trunks that could be easily stacked. With a frame of metal or wood covered with water-repelling linen, they were not only practical, they also looked very appealing.

The grey Louis Vuitton Trianon Canvas, which the famous malletier used for his first suitcases, was patented in Further variants followed, including the chequered pattern famous to this day, the Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas. Presented at the Paris World Fair, it acquired international fame. The French suitcases and trunks, characterised by impeccable craftsmanship, became essen tial items for every stylish globetrotter.

After Paris, shops were opened in London, New york and many other metropolises worldwide. The clientele of LV remains select to this day. The suitcases and travel bags from Louis Vuitton are truly authentic and timeless. The chic luggage has remained immune to hyper-modern makeovers. Special commissions remain a service of the house, regardless of how unusual the customer request may be. And there have been some remarkable ones: legendary amongst them is the suitcase with integrated bureau that the conductor Leopold Stokowski used as a travelling office, complete with writing desk and shelves.

Or the luggage of the Africa explorer Savorgnan de Brazza , whose suitcase transformed into an outdoor bed in the jungle, thanks to a built-in horsehair mattress. Unique luggage curiosities from Louis Vuitton can now be admired in Asnieres, a suburb of Paris, at the former home of the legen - dary malletier. The French luxury conglomerate unites over 60 premium brands under one roof. Today the two famous letters stand for far more than exclusive suitcases, trunks and travel bags. The select Louis Vuitton portfolio also offers luxurious fashion and selected accessories. But it all began years ago with a French luggage maker whose vision revolutionised travel in the most sophisticated of ways.

Die klassischen riva Boote sind maritime stilikonen, geboren in italien, verehrt auf der ganzen Welt. Den Traum aus mahagoni und Chrom konnten sich nur wenige leisten.

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Doch echte riva-Liebhaber nahmen und nehmen das in Kauf. Der rumpf ist steif, aber dennoch leicht. Chrom-applikationen blitzen hier und da auf, niemals protzig, immer stilvoll und edel. Zwar sind auch seine modelle aus Kunststoff, dennoch offenbaren sie den Glamour vergangener Tage.

Jede einzelne eine italienische Diva, alle aufregend und sinnlich. The classic Riva boats are maritime style icons, born in Italy, revered throughout the world.

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In the 50s and 60s the svelte speedboats were the luxury accessories of the jet set. The rich Diva and the beautiful stood proudly behind the car-like wheel or draped themselves lasciviously along the artificial leather up - holstery. Behind them the boats left the typical Riva wake — and many envious glances. This dream in mahogany and chrome was only affordable to very few people. The attractively-shaped boat was a status symbol in the 50s and 60s.

A floating Rolls-Royce that showed the world that you had made it after the war, in whatever form. Demand was greater than supply, making it a privilege to even be allowed to buy a Riva. For fans of fast, good-looking boats they were the nautical non plus ultra. Vulgar concerns such as fuel consumption were never a topic. An Aquarama, which "pootled along" at just 40 kilometres per hour, required around litres for kilometres.

However, for true Riva aficionados this was — and is — a price worth paying.

After all, this much sex appeal does not come cheap. An estimated 4, Riva classics were produced, of which around half are still with us. It was a lucky person that is able to call such a diva his own. A Riva requires passionate dedication and full input, including in the financial sense. Cheaper prices are possible, but then extensive and expensive repair work is typically required.

In return, the value of a well-preserved Riva increases con tinuously, making them not only an unusual eye-opener, but also a profitable investment. Carpenter Pietro Riva settled by this idyllic lake to repair fishing boats and lead a modest life.

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His grandson Serafino, in contrast, had a passion for beauty and speed. With regard to boats, it should be added.

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His son Carlo grew up with boats, the love of vessels nurtured with him in the cradle. Inspired by road cruisers and chic con - vertibles, experiencing a post-war boom, the perfectionist created a legend in the incomparable Riva boats. Its lines are sensual, flattering and unique. The hull is stiff, yet light. The thin maho gany strips are glued and the shape of the hull pressed. Chrome fix - tures sparkle here and there, never ostentatious, always stylish and sophis - ticated. The helm with the Riva logo — three sailors parading beneath a waving banner — the classic dashboard, the streamlined Plexiglas windscreen, the convertible hood, the artificial leather seats and benches, extras such as cigarette lighter and ice box, the slim stern and the V-shaped bow — Carlo Riva exceeded himself.

A Riva had its finger on the pulse of the age and soon became a favourite with high society. It was the end of an era, at least as far as the Rolls- Royce of the water was concerned. The classic Riva beauty in mahogany and chrome left the stage, the generations that followed were made from Kevlar and fibreglass. Today, the "Riva" brand is owned by the Ferretti Group. Norberto Ferretti, powerboat world champion of and successful boat builder, admires Carlo Riva wholeheartedly.

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Although his models are also made from synthetic materials, they also display the glamour of a bygone age. Another successful combination of innovative technology, elegant design and retro charm is the new motor yacht Riva 63 Virtus, launched in time for the th anniversary celebrations in the summer of 2 01 2. In Saint Tropez, of course, where else. Enjoyment, then, is guaranteed — and with a surprisingly low amount of noise, thanks to an innovative noise insulation system. The maritime power-pack is also stylish, naturally.