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He was fascinated by how the trout could lie motionless in the strongest current and then, if alarmed, without warning, would dart upstream rather than be carried down with the flow. Having learned from his family about the importance of temperature on the energy potential of water, he did an experiment. He had colleagues heat up litres of water that, on his signal, they poured into the fast-flowing mountain stream some metres upstream from where he stood.

Viktor noted how the trout he had been observing became agitated, and soon was unable to hold its station in the fast flowing stream, thrashing its tail fins to no avail. Viktor searched the textbooks in vain for an explanation of this marvel. He would often quote these experiences with the trout as having the most influence on developing his ideas, for temperature and motion were the foundations of his theories and discoveries. He insisted that we have betrayed our calling and our heritage, by usurping the role of God and trashing our environment.

He saw that we were hell-bent on a path of self-destruction, and predicted that, within a generation, our climate would become more hostile, our food sources would dry up, there would be no healthy water, and illness, misery and violence would predominate. Where have conventional scientists gone astray?

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By not observing carefully how Nature works. If they did, they would be able to formulate her laws, as Schauberger has done, and then comply with them, so that human society could come into harmony with our environment. Schauberger spelled out clearly exactly where we have gone wrong with our technology. How can we start to put things right? Certainly by a complete reversal of the way we do things. This can involve only a sea change in the way we regard our lives, and a personal commitment to help bring about a major shift in our society.

Only through sufficient numbers joining together in common cause can these changes begin.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

He criticized mainline science for its arrogance and herd instincts. He also castigated scientists for their blinkeredness, their inability to see the connections between things. He believed that political leaders are basically opportunists and pawns of the system. Visionaries and pioneers are inevitably a challenge to the establishment in whatever field, for they pose an imagined threat to the interests of those who benefit from the status quo.

The degree of vilification seems to depend on the level of rewards at stake.

Viktor Schauberger ()

Thus science, as perhaps the most exclusive and arrogant of disciplines, has done so much throughout history to undermine great innovators like Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo to, in our times, the biological pioneers James Lovelock, Rupert Sheldrake and Mae-Wan Ho. Despite, or perhaps because of, his interrupted education, Viktor retained a great thirst for knowledge. His wife found domestically disruptive his tendency to stay up all night, pouring over books of every kind, especially the more esoteric variety.

There was no question that Viktor felt he had a calling. This was evident from the fact that often he seemed to write in a trance-like state, returning to normal consciousness quite surprised by what he had just written! Schauberger was a man of unshakeable self-confidence and inner conviction about the viability of his theories, and unsurprisingly had a lifelong battle with orthodoxy. Callum Coats describes how on one occasion during the Nazi era, good fortune saved his life from being taken in a sinister way.

This was inevitably from the few scientists who were not swayed by greed or jealousy and were of more independent mind. One was the Swiss Professor Werner Zimmerman, a well-known social reformer who published articles by Viktor in his ecologically oriented magazine Tau. A third very loyal friend was Professor Philipp Forchheimer, a hydrologist of world repute. Most people have heard of Viktor Schauberger only in connection with his inspired ideas about water or of the energy-saving machines that harnessed the enormous power encapsulated in lively water.

They were, indeed, so fundamental and important as to justify his reputation as an ecological pioneer. Viktor Schauberger suffered much from the vindictiveness of the scientific establishment towards him. Nevertheless, his constant complaints about them obscure his principal message, which is far more important than academic arrogance per se. This is that our whole culture is completely under the thrall of a materialistic worldview or way of seeing; we are caught in the excitement of apparently being free to do anything we want, and by the glamour of possessing lots of riches and distractions.

Our science is but the product of this worldview, as is our philosophy and education, our religion, our politics and our medicine. The real issue is that the intellectual movement of the late seventeenth century, the Enlightenment, and its equivalent in science, Rationalism, have caused a great schism in human society. That movement put man on a pedestal, introduced the idea of humanity being apart from Nature and started to interpret all natural phenomena by a process of deduction.

Hidden Nature : The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

The effect has been a separation of thinking from experience, of head from heart. Because of the dominance of scientific determinism in our culture, the more intuitive way of knowledge is considered as suspect, but there is a new awakening taking place at all levels of society of people wanting to get in touch with their intuition, who feel that rationalism is in fact the Great Delusion. If we share these with like-minded friends we feel like conspirators discussing something taboo that the thought police might catch.

They are not part of conventional wisdom.

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Viktor Schauberger was one of the first to put in a scientifically verifiable framework a study of natural processes set free from the constraints of rationalism. He has widened our understanding of our place in the world by describing a worldview of a natural science that includes these experiences without recourse to scientific, religious or philosophical dogma.

By understanding how Nature works, we can begin to relate our experiences to a much wider and more exciting worldview. Rachel Carson, who is credited with having initiated the environmental movement with her book Silent Spring , was a brave woman for taking on the multinational corporations. Schauberger is all the braver for taking on our conventional worldview. There must be a fundamental change in the way we see the world including our environmental policies , before change is possible.

It is over 45 years since his untimely death, and much of what he prophesied has come to pass even earlier than he foresaw. There was some hope before September 11, , that environmental awareness was gaining ground, if slowly. Recognition of the critical imbalances we have created in our atmosphere and of the urgent need to change our priorities from consumption to conservation was starting to spread. We shall, therefore, bring into twenty-first century relevance his views of how Nature works and where our society has gone wrong, to see what we can learn from his insights.

Viktor has a singular way of deprecating our culture, as the following comment on our conditioning reveals:.

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  4. Humanity has become accustomed to relate everything to itself anthropocentrism. In the process we have failed to see that real truth is a slippery thing upon which the perpetually reformulating mind passes judgment almost imperceptibly. In the main all that is then left behind is whatever was drilled into our brain with much trouble and effort, and to which we cling. To give rein to free thought, to allow our minds to flow freely and unimpeded, is too fraught with complications. For this reason the activity arising from these notions inevitably becomes a traffic in excreta that stinks to high heaven, because its foundations were already decayed and rotten from the very beginning.

    It is no wonder, therefore, that everywhere everything is going wrong. Truth resides only in all-knowing Nature. If we were to pay heed to what Nature requires of us, would we witness a reversal of this observable deterioration, and a gradual coming back into balance of a human society that would eventually be able to live in tune with Nature? But as in our hubris we believe we are at the peak of material human achievement, there is a reawakening of the human spirit, and a great need is being reborn to reconnect with Nature, with our source.

    This book attempts to encourage and nurture this need. The majority of people in the UK oppose the genetic modification of food because they know in their hearts it is against Nature. The policy is being driven by the commercial interests of big business supported by a compliant political climate. Above all, it is justified by a science with a materialist worldview that believes Nature exists to be manipulated and exploited for the imagined benefit of humanity.

    Accountability is apparently not an issue. The national debate on GM held in Britain in showed that most people are deeply disturbed by the arrogance of the view that Man can do anything he wants on this Earth. But they have no science to turn to for rebuttal. What is needed is a Science of Nature to supplant the misguided science presently taught in our schools and universities.

    We need to work with a holistic view of Nature as omnipotent on the Earth, whose laws govern us humans as well and which we flout at our peril — in brief, a Nature with which we must learn to cooperate with humility. What are these laws of Nature? How are we to know what is our place, and what is demanded of us? Viktor Schauberger excelled as a teacher of the science of Nature. He describes and illustrates, as few have done, how Nature works, with its marvellous and complex processes at the heart of the evolution of consciousness. Viktor Schauberger is known at present only to a small, holistically-inclined audience that has a strong commitment to environmental issues, to organic growing or to the development of alternative energy sources.

    Much of the literature on Schauberger is sometimes difficult to follow for the less committed. Khammas, Implosion magazine no. The scientific environment has considerably narrowed. Scientific research in the s was largely government funded, and research for the most part was independent of commercial interest. Schauberger would be appalled by the present environment which, still identified with the material viewpoint, is now almost entirely dependent on industrial funding and the consequent demand that scientific research serves the needs of business and commerce.

    Living Energies , p. His arch enemies, the Viennese Association of Engineers, had hatched a plot to dispose of him in a mental hospital, under SS observation. Before this, by coincidence, he had tea with an old friend, Mrs Primavesi and told her he would return in twenty minutes. When he did not, and she found he had not returned home either, she went to the nearby clinic, whose director she knew well, refusing to leave until Viktor had been found. His remarkable discoveries - which address issues such as sick water, ailing forests, climate change and, above all, renewable energy - have dramatic implications for how we should work with nature and its resources.

    Alick Bartholomew read Geology and Geography at the University of Cambridge, followed by graduate studies at the University of Chicago. He has commissioned and published many books on Schauberger and has been working with Schauberger material for over twenty years. His remarkable insights and investigations into water and living energies challenge established scientific dogmas then and now.